160 Ping website list

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160 Ping web site list

160 Ping web site list.

A ping (Packet Web or Inter-Community Groper) is a fundamental Internet program that enables a person to check and confirm if a specific vacation spot IP address exists and may settle for requests in laptop community administration. The acronym was contrived to match the submariners’ time period for the sound of a returned sonar pulse.

Ping can also be used diagnostically to make sure thathost laptop the person is attempting to succeed in is working. Any working system (OS) with networking functionality, together with most embedded community administration software program, can use ping.

For instance, to search out the dot address, equivalent to, for any given domain name, Home windows customers can go to the command prompt display screen (begin/run/cmd) and enter ping xxxxx.yyy, the place xxxxx is the second-level area identify, like “whatis,” and yyy is the top-level area identify, like “com.”

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2 reviews for 160 Ping website list

  1. Shel Ash

    Shel Ash

    very useful links. thank you

  2. Shel Ash

    Shel Ash

    thank for the links

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